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Adults and students



We have been blessed to be volunteers at several lake day events. One in particular was very special for us – Lake Day Latvia, because it was a day that brought together families that had adopted or hosted children from Latvia, the country that we adopted our middle daughter from. It was a wonderful experience to love on these families that had been through a lot during the hosting/adoption process and the kids who had grown up with all the challenges that come from living in an orphanage. It’s an awesome thing to see the kid’s faces light up when you tell them that they CAN learn to wakeboard! They just have to get out of the boat and get in the water…..that’s the first step! Trusting the boat driver and volunteers, trusting that their life jacket will hold them up, trusting that the boat will come back to get them if they fall. Trust is a BIG thing for some of these kids because Lake Days often involve ministering to children from broken homes and difficult circumstances. Many have seen and experienced things as children that most of us as adults have never even had to face, and yet they are strong and brave and willing to try – and to trust.

The Sherron family


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