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Chris loves water sports! Throughout the years he has competed in kneeboarding and wakeboarding tournaments.  However, he has come to understand that his passion for water sports is from God and is to be used as a means of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.


Now Chris finds great joy in teaching other people the basics of the sport. In 2004 Chris married Kathy, who has a love for the nations, and has since traveled to several different countries to share how Jesus Christ has changed his life.


"Through my relationship with Chris, I have been encouraged by serving alongside a man who walks what he talks and lives out the vision of 3/20 Ministries.  Chris is passionate about watersports and uses them as an avenue for the gospel." (Jared, team leader from SC)


His claim to fame is wakeboarding on the Nile River. The Nile River!?! 


Executive Director

Kathy loves to travel! So far she has been to all 50 states and 30 countries. Most importantly, she is passionate about training people to use their gifts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ as they GO.

"Kathy deserves a huge award for her patience working with inexperienced team leaders like me.  She answered my many questions and coached me through every step of the way. God used her to grow my leadership in ministry." (Jared, team leader from SC)

She enjoys mentoring, speaking and gardening. 

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