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Our vision is to create a quality environment where families, students, those in various aspects of ministry and those within the community can find rest, relaxation, physical and spiritual renewal, and recreation together. To this end, 3/20 is committed to provide opportunities for people to spend quality time at the lake as a way for them to reconnect with the beauty of God’s creation in nature, and to enjoy the life-giving restoration the water provides. Our goal is to provide a restful, waterfront haven where people can escape the hectic pace and distractions of their daily routines.


Another aspect of 3/20 Watersports Ministry is to provide a safe environment where leaders and volunteers serve as mentors and role models who guide youth in their personal, social and spiritual development. In turn student leaders will be equipped to share their love of watersports and knowledge of God’s Word through personal connections and relationships with at-risk students. This retreat would provide a protected environment for both students and adults to build healthy social skills and participate in safe activities outside their community. 

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