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Our Lake Days are designed to encourage students in need of hope to trust, step off the boat and try something new. As well, we provide team building days for adults and students where we use biblical principles to teach confidence on the water. 


"When Kathy and Chris Medlin reached out in the months following Chris' (Lianne's husband) death, with the invitation to join them for a day, and partake of the gift that 320 Watersports provides, it was an easy decision to gladly accept. Even still, the water is a place we can still feel close to Chris. To keep love alive in a very tangible way, to remember him, to even find peace, and continued healing.

I had desperately been wanting to get on the water with the kids, but the thought of how to do that with a 5:1 ratio, let alone my own apprehensions of the water was very overwhelming, so having better experts leading the way

was even an answer to prayer."

-Lianne P.

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