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Who would have ever dreamed that God could use watersports to make a WAKE in the life of a student, family or ministry leader.


A student who learns to be courageous as they are encouraged to step off the boat. A family who simply needs to step away from distractions and reconnect. A ministry leader who needs a day filled with encouragement and laughter.

You have helped us make a WAKE for 19 years. Thank you!


Please mail your check to

3/20 Watersports Ministry

3401 Broughton Drive,

Durham, NC 27704

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We offer a safe method of conducting online donations from your computer. You have the option of a one-time or recurring donations. We accept debit and all major credit cards.

First time users will need to create an online account, ​ click the button below, then select “New User Registration."


Thanks for your support!

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