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Our First Boat

In 2006 Chris and I knew that God was leading us to proceed with the boat ministry but we didn’t have a boat. How do you start a boat ministry without a boat?


We know that there are times in our life that we just have to hold tight to the fact that God has spoken and we are to obediently follow His direction for our lives regardless of what we can see with our earthly eyes. This was one of those times!


In May of 2006 we met with a local Malibu boat dealer, explained our situation and they agreed to sell us a boat at a reduced cost. However, we both felt that this was not the final answer and we needed to pursue other possibilities with Malibu.


Why Malibu? It was our understanding that Malibu’s top leaders are all believers and we wanted the support of a Christian Corporation.


Chris and I continued to pray and in June, God used a Pro Wakeboarder we had met in February to help arrange a meeting with John Sisson, VP of Tennessee Operations. During our meeting we shared our dreams and goals for 3/20. As well, John shared with us that he believed in what we were doing and would help us with a boat where the price would be good for all parties involved. Chris and I were so excited and after retuning home quickly put in an order for a boat. 


And so we waited . . . Almost a month later we still had no news as to the progress of our boat and what the final cost would be. Finally one afternoon the dealer called Chris and explained that John had been extremely busy and was sorry but there had been no time for him to work on our boat. . . BUT if we wanted, he did have a Pro Wakeboarders boat at the factory that we could use this year so that we could get going with our ministry. On June 23rd we drove to Tennessee to pick up our boat. God is always on time!


We are thankful that God has used Malibu in an incredible way to bless our ministry with a boat for both 2006 and 2007. So how do you start a boat ministry without a boat? You pray and wait on God!

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